Выставка Союза Русских Художников, Липецкий выставочный зал

The exhibition "Woman's image" at the Art-hotel "Alexandrovsky", Kostroma

Master's riddles. Artist Andrey Dareev

The exhibition "The Triumph of Russian Realism" was held in the Bryansk art Museum

Bryansk presents the project of the Ministry of Culture "The Triumph of Russian Realism"

The Cultural Centre "House of Ozerov" held the one-man art show opening of Andrey Dareev

“Family is the Soul of Russia” exhibition was opened In the Grand Palace of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Preserve

Andrey Dareev one-man art show opening in the Lipetsk Regional Art Museum

“Union of Russian Artists" exhibition opening. Modern period» in Tambov regional art gallery

A lesson in the open air. Andrey Dareev

Visiting the artist Andrey Dareev

Channel 8 Lena Lenin's Project " A Dozen Geniuses»

"Mysterious stranger" project. Andrey Dareev

Opening of the exhibition project "Mysterious Stranger". Andrey Dareev

"Mysterious stranger" project. Andrey Dareev